About Us

Not only do we love vintage clothing and accessories but it's making a come back with a modern flare! When you see an item in our store we want you to be reminded of a previous era and we want it to bring back memories of when it was popular. We offer the latest trends with vintage inspiration.

We are a veteran family owned boutique based out of Wichita, Kansas. We offer sizes XS-3XL. No one should ever have to compromise style over size. We want you to be happy with the quality of your product, feel confident, sexy, and comfortable!

We also make custom t-shirts, hats, jewelry and more so you can bet that no one will have anything like it but you! Our goal is to make our store a one stop shop for unique apparel and accessories. 

Our handpicked unique vintage inspired apparel might be limited on the quantities we carry but don't worry we will make sure we get another unique item in it's place once it has been purchased. 

At Bellajae we want you to be apart of the buying process. If you see something you like send it our way and we will take a poll on if we should stock it or not. If majority wins, we will stock it!

Connect with us on Facebook @Bellajaevb, Twitter @Bellajaeb, and Instagram @Bellajae_Vintage_Boutique. Send us a photo of you in our trendy vintage clothing or accessories for a chance to be featured on one of our social platforms and a discount on your next purchase!